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A full service equine wellness practice specializing in equine massage therapy, equine acupressure therapy, and equine nutrition.

Equine Massage Therapy

What are the Benefits of Equine Massage?

Equine Massage...

  • equine therapist Denise Bean massages the back of a horse Increases the flow of nutrient-rich blood to the muscle tissue which allows the flushing out of cellular waste and excessive fluid, promoting healing.
  • Enhances learning and training. Mental acuity and learning benefit from increased blood flow and restored balance. Increased emotional and mental relaxation and blood flow to the brain lay the groundwork for mental clarity, and thus, improved learning and training.
  • Improves the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Because massage increases the number of red blood cells in the horseʼs system, it in turn eases the strain on the heart. It stimulates the lymphatic system which supports the bodyʼs defense against disease.
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain, allowing muscles to function properly andat full capacity, thus aiding in the prevention of injury and/or strain.
  • Decreases inflammation in the joints and releases endorphins, or hormones, both of which alleviate pain.
  • Enhances muscle tone. It helps prevent and reduce atrophy (muscle loss).
  • equine therapist Denise-Bean massages the hindquarters of a horseLengthens connective tissue, thereby increasing the horseʼs range of motion. This allows for longer strides, easier gait and lead changes; better jumping, turning and maneuvering, and increased speed and endurance.
  • Improves the general demeanor and disposition of the horse.
  • May serve as an alternative to drug therapy. Pharmaceuticals often mask a problem rather than resolve it. A horse owner can often use massage therapy frequently and effectively as an economical way to restore and maintain a horseʼs mobility, reducing other professional expenses.
  • Aging, elderly and those healing from an illness or injury better maintain their muscle condition and strength through massage.
  • Competition horses enjoy reduced stress levels and relief from physical rigors of competition with regular massage.
  • It is much easier to prevent a problem, rather than have to address one once it has occurred. Massage is often overlooked a preventative tool. It is a wonderful therapy for prevention of injury and/or strain.
  • Horses for sale should be massaged frequently to show them at their best to potential buyers.

Equine Sports Massage Therapy

  • Please print and sign the Consent Form prior to scheduling an appointment for your horse. You may then scan it & return it via email to our office, or you may return it to the practitioner on site, at your FIRST appointment. Please Note: NO services will be offered until the form is signed & collected. There are no exceptions to this policy. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • Please print & complete the New Client Intake Form prior to your first appointment. This will assist the practitioner.
  • Payment is due & will be collected at the time of service(s). A valid credit card is required to be placed on file with our office. If the credit card on file will not process, & another valid credit card is not offered within 3 days of the service date, Denise Bean, D.B.A. Exclusive Equestrian Services, LLC, reserves the right to send the debt to a collection agency, pursue legal assistance & dismiss the client from any further service.
  • Please have the horse or pony available and secure upon arrival of the therapist. If appointments are delayed due to the horse or pony being unavailable, there will be an additional charge rendered.

Equine Stretching Lessons  

equine therapist Denise Bean demonstrates in a stretching lesson how to stretch the horse's leg
  • Equine stretching lessons are 1 hour in duration.
  • Benefits, safety precautions, and various stretching techniques will be demonstrated and taught.
  • The sessions are tailored to each horse or ponyʼs trouble spots. This is a wonderful adjunct to effectively maintain and prolong the effects of massage and acupressure therapy for your equine. You will learn the techniques that you need to better help your own horse.
  • Equine Stretching is also a fantastic clinic topic!


Just as a human massage therapist graciously accepts your kindness, so does an equine therapist. The practitioner does accept and greatly appreciates any gratuities you may want to offer. Thank you for your generosity in advance. As always, the goal is to provide you and your horse with exceptional care.

Barn Call Fee

Please note, in addition to the fee for the service provided, a "Barn Call" fee will also be charged for each appointment. Thank you.

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