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Denise Bean
A full service equine wellness practice specializing in equine massage therapy, equine acupressure therapy, and equine nutrition.


“I have had my horse Jag for over 17 years. He has always had bad swelling in his hind legs but last year his lymphangitis became out of control. I tried everything from IV antibiotics to cold therapy to constant wrapping with no success. I finally decided to try something different and Denise offered to help. Using acupressure and massage therapy, Jag has greatly improved. Denise was also able to provide many exercises and nutritional advice to help Jag's legs. Not only has his swelling decreased, but his range of motion has improved and he is no longer in pain. I am forever grateful for all that Denise has done for my Jag!”

Katherine Wilson Salem, NH

Images show the improvement in this horse after equine wellness treatments and consults
Left to Right - Before, After, Before, After

“I've been working with Denise for 7 years now and our horses couldn't be happier with her technique and attention to detail. There is an abundance of individuals in our area that offer similar services, but Denise is truly on another level. She can pin point issues, find and offer solutions for bad habits and fully understand the horse solely on muscle response. The best part of the experience is her willingness to explain the entire process in detail. She can be extremely technical and scientific, or give the topical explanation depending on your comfort level. She provides much more than a massage, its an opportunity to learn about your horse and how to provide them with better overall health. I would not recommend anyone else and am so thankful that she works on our horses!”

Rachel Truncellito/Owner & Trainer
Magnolia Show Stables/Rowley, MA


“Denise has magic hands!! She has helped so many of my horses over the past 10 years with her treatments. We are thrilled to have connected with her, and have her treat our horses regularly at my farm, and at the horse shows we compete at. She is always there for us!! We consider her a crucial part of our horseʼs health care team.”

Kim Devers-Scheer, farm owner /trainer
Jettset Endevers Show Horses/Norwell, MA

Group at Jettset Endevers Show Horses, Norwell, MA

“Denise is an excellent therapist. She listens to all I have to say about my horses, and takes everything into consideration when working on them. She is always willing to share her thoughts on after-care suggestions. Her treatments have greatly aided my horses ability to perform in their everyday schooling, and in their competition schedule. Her work speaks for itself.

Babette Lenna, equine business owner/trainer
Gathering Farm/Hamilton, MA/Aiken, SC

Eventer Babette Lenna of Hamilton, MA/Aiken, SC

“I met Denise over 8 years ago when our Friesian mare suffered a serious stifle injury. Through acupressure and massage, Denise was able to bring our mare back to the show ring! Denise has also been a nutritional consultant for our horse. She created a grain free diet that addresses our horses individuals needs. Her wealth of knowledge is amazing! Today, our horse is in the best shape of her life. There is no question our horse would not be where she is today had it not been for the amazing work of Denise! I am truly grateful for the magic she has done for our mare in keeping her healthy and sound!“

Linda York, ME

Linda and Will with blue ribbon Friesian Will

What makes Denise a wonderful instructor is her keen insight into both horses and people. In her patient and caring fashion, Denise reads the connection between horse and rider and helps each make small, but crucial adjustments towards success. Her lesson program builds sequentially on previous exercises but with just enough variety to give a new challenge each week. I continually gain more confidence and skill because Denise really shows week after week that she WANTS me to do well. Denise is the best!

Jill Ritchie - Melrose, MA
(Deniseʼs student of 25 years)

Hunt Seat riding student Jill Ritchie

Denise Bean - ExEqServices@gmail.com - 978-828-1974

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