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Denise at the 2016 Horses Inside Out Annual Conference

What should I expect during a massage or acupressure session?

G​enerally the horses relax, settle and truly enjoy their sessions. They may yawn, chew, lap, groom anyone nearby, pass manure, pass gas, urinate, cough, or sneeze. Sometimes their eyes will drain, as will their nostrils. They often lower their head & necks, allow their ears to fall out sideways and develop a glaze over their eyes. Yes, some do actually nap lightly as well.

Are there any physical restrictions following my horse's massage or acupressure session?

P​lease allow your horse access to fresh water, and if possible walk your horse for several minutes post­massage. Also, if time allows please let your horse rest for an hour before taking him/her out to do any work with the horse that day. Each situation varies, so if you would like to ride/work your horse post­massage, please consult with Denise as to her recommendations regarding riding/working post­session.

Do I need to be there for the massage or the acupressure session?

I​f possible, Denise would like you to be there for the first session. This allows you both to meet, affords you the opportunity to see how Denise offers the therapy and permits you to observe your horse’s reactions. In this very busy world, you do not need to be there for future sessions, but of course are always welcome.

A Few Reminders

The following list contains a few simple reminders that will make the day a bit brighter, our smiles a bit wider, and the horses a bit happier. Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and compliance. We are truly grateful for your patronage and support. Wishing you all many years of health and horses!!

  • Do have the horse or pony secured, ready and waiting for the therapist upon arrival. Do not have to go and retrieve the animal from turn-out, hence delaying the start time of the treatment.
  • Do remember that payment is due & will be collected at the time of service. A valid credit card is required to be placed on file with our office. If the credit card on file will not process, & another valid card is not offered within 3 days of service date, Denise Bean, D.B.A. Exclusive Equestrian Services, LLC, reserves the right to send the debt to a collection agency, pursue legal assistance & dismiss the client from any further service. Do not forget to do so, or there will be no service offered. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy.
  • Do expect your horse will need additional treatments. Do not expect one treatment to resolve the issue. You and the therapist must work together towards gradual, lasting results. Chronic issues generally take longer to resolve/minimize than acute problems.
  • Do notify the barn staff of the appointment. Do not forget or there may not be a proper, safe, designated, quiet work space available for the session to be conducted.
  • Do provide a quiet work space for the therapist. Interruptions disrupt the therapist's work, as well as the horse's state of relaxation.
  • Do not allow for interruptions or distractions during the session. Do not allow for disruptive behavior, such as parties continually passing by, others trying to ask the therapist numerous questions, etc. You are paying for a service, the therapist is offering a complex treatment, and your horse needs to focus and feel. Do offer professional respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Do plan on attending the session if this is the first time your horse or pony has had a treatment. Do not expect the therapist will treat your animal unattended the first session.
  • Do not ride your horse immediately before the arrival of the therapist. Do allow for ample time (about 1 hour) for your horse to cool down before the scheduled treatment. You may ride your horse immediately after a massage session, however do not ride your horse immediately after an acupressure session. It takes 24 hours for energy to circulate through the body.
  • Do expect that the therapist will discuss your horseʼs health history and present situation with you, as well as findings once the treatment is complete. Do not expect the therapist to carry on a lengthy conversation while offering the treatment. The less attention is given to you, the more attention is given to your horse.
  • Do have fly repellent available during insect season. Do not wait until the appointment to acquaint your horse with a spray bottle applicator.
  • Do introduce your dogs to the therapist, however, do not allow the dogs to roam freely where the therapist is treating.
  • Do write down the date and time of the next appointment. Do not expect the therapist to have to remind you.
  • Do remember a 24 hour cancellation notice is required for all appointments. Do not forget, otherwise the FULL fee will be charged.

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