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Equine Nutrition

What Is Equine Nutrition?

Equine nutrition is the art of feeding your horse most appropriately to achieve optimum health. Each horse is different and therefore has distinct nutritional needs. For example, performance horses have different nutritional needs than senior horses, as do breeding stock versus metabolic horses. Each horse must be nourished & have their individual dietary needs met.

What are the Benefits of Having Equine Nutrition Consultations?

Equine Nutrition can be quite overwhelming to horse owners, as there are all sorts of myths that exist, products that are available and varied answers throughout this topic. We all want to be sure that we are feeding our horses most appropriately and in a manner that suits that specific horse best. That is where Denise comes in, she can review your current feeding program and offer guidance.

What to Expect

Please print and sign the Consent Form prior to scheduling an appointment for your horse. This form will be retrieved by the practitioner at the time of the first visit. Please Note: NO services will be offered until this form is signed & collected. There are no exceptions to this policy. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Just as with all of the other services offered by Denise, these consultations are thorough and complete. Denise will review your horse’s health history, hay analysis, bloodwork (if available) and all products you are currently offering your horse, including grain, hay & supplements.

She will collect this data prior to the first scheduled appointment and also request that you send your hay out for analysis prior to her consult with you. We will gladly offer hay analysis information to you, if you have never sent your hay out for analysis before. Once she has obtained this information, as well as the amounts (in WEIGHT, not VOLUME), that your horse is being fed, she will then discuss any specific health conditions your horse may be experiencing, and evaluate the entire dietary program over the phone, or on site.

Based on your horse’s age, weight, breed, work load, and general health, Denise will make recommendations to your current feeding program. Please note, although blood work can be helpful, it is not necessary to obtain a nutrition consultation.

You will then be emailed a report reflecting the information that Denise discussed with you. Since there is a wealth of information to review and discuss with respect to your horse’s nutrition, these consultations are structured in a multiple visit format. This allows for thorough consultation, as well as revaluation time to see how your horse is responding to suggested dietary changes. If you are interested in a less comprehensive nutritional consultation, we suggest contacting your veterinarian for further guidance.

  • Please see our Rates page for more information.

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